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Many books and websites say they will show you the best ways to invest in real estate; some of them do show you methods to analyze the financial books, strategies to look for good locations, and tips on choosing the right property to buy.  However, once you have bought your investment property, you may not know how to manage it, how to improve the lease, and how to maximize the return on your investment. This is particularly true for commercial real estate investors; because most (if not all) of the books and websites target only residential real estate investors and talk about only residential properties.

Kompass Kard is a platform created and maintained by a group of professionals in the field that comprises of experienced accountants, brokers, investors, landlords, lawyers, leasing managers and property managers in commercial real estate.  We offer exceptional education, seminars, strategies, tips and tools for real estate investors and landlords in Canada to maximize their return on investments.

Kompass Kard Basic membership is free, you can list your properties for sale and for lease free of charge.  The best tool for real estate agents and property owners, which may save you thousands of dollars in advertising.  Kompass Kard Platinum membership is not just to save you money; it is to earn more money for you.  On the other hand, you recoup your annual membership fee by using our services, buying our products, and attending our seminars.  To find out more, please browse our membership page.



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